:: Sunday, December 25, 2005 ::
since i've actually posted stuff this december...
a big MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my bloggie visitors.

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:: Wednesday, December 21, 2005 ::
fantasy movies
watched two movies in theatres this month, Harry Potter (again) and Narnia (for the first time). so all in all, i've been seeing a lot more movies than usual.

Goblet of Fire has been awhile so my recollection is fuzzy, but while i think it's a pretty good film, it's not my favourite potter film... maybe my least favourite so far. so now i'll break my thoughts into the pros and cons.
some of the cons:
  • dumbledore has a temper! that's so scary!! he's suppose to be so sweet and wise, not someone who'll knock you upside the head. does it have something to do with britishing up hogwarts? so that's a con cause it really bugged me
  • hermione is too emotional. the "i'm not an owl" line made me think "whoa! calm down. don't get your feathers ruffled up". it's just so strange to watch a character get so emotional
  • hey! maybe i could sum up with i found most irksome about the film. people being too emotional. there's too tempermental (dumbledore), too touchy (hermione) and then there's too waily (that's cedric's dad). am i cruel about the dad? sorry can't help it. when he started howling about his son, i just wanted him to stop, begging to be spared.
  • they skimped on the ending credits *tsk tsk*. many might not care but i noticed WB! you can't fool moi.
  • cedric should've been so much more noble. pushing and shoving?! what happened to the "you take it" gallantry? and his friends are jerks. so that kinda makes him look like a jerk ("birds of a feather stick together")
  • the bad guy. i get the purpose of the tongue tick... but still XP
  • the ending sucked! something shocking and tragic happens and it ends with everyone hugging everyone else. the "everything's gonna change" line is garbage. why is everyone sighing in a melancholy-there-ends-another-school-year way. makes no sense i tell ya.

    err... there are other things, but i can't remember them very well. i keep thinking about what i'd do different if i were in charge. for instance, (romance with hagrid) -> reduce, (quidditch world cup)-> let's see some actual playing please?

    okay onto the positive, the pros:
  • rita skeeter is an amusing character... useless in the movie but being strapped for time whatcha gonna do
  • lucius is back. yippeee!
  • the 1st trial was better than the book version as it relocated the action out of the arena and into the skies above and around hogwarts
  • movie cho is more likeable than book cho. she seems to be a sweet person, while in the book i thought her too confident-cocky (probably just me that got that impression).
  • the special effects were very nice. the dark mark was great. the underwater stuff looked as i pictured. the dragons didn't look cheesy. rita's quill was cute. while there were a few things i didn't quite like (the leprechaun, the stained glass mermaid, the pensieve), overall it was great.
  • the introduction of the other schools -- exciting but regretably too short
  • the patil twins were funny, i don't remember feeling sorry for them in the book but yeah poor them.

    summing up, what this movie really needed was to be longer. it zipped through scenes so fast that you never got to appreciate what was happening or really get to know any of the new characters. i expect to see lots of deleted scenes for the dvd or i'll be very disappointed.

    okay now a bit about Narnia. it's quite a charming film that tells it's story in many ways better than the book (though the lord of the rings moments were a bit too much). sure the queen should've had dark hair but those are minor tiffs. the children are quite natural actors, not too fake 'n cutsey. the talking animals looked well done, not extremely realistic but not ridiculous... which is important or i'd have cried my eyes out with laughter constantly. and it's also important since Lewis looked down on making a film version of his book, thinking the talking animals would appear cheesy. so for his sake, it's great they did a good job. it's a nice children's film that grownups should enjoy too.

    ok that's quite enough crappyness from me. i bid everyone adieu!

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    :: Tuesday, December 6, 2005 ::
    december already
    though advertisers start their christmas campaign right after the november thanksgiving, i don't get into the spirit of things until december. one thing i love about christmas is that it makes winter seem fun. and when january hits, it feels like i'm waiting out the white cold days until spring. However, there's the winter olympics this year in Torino! so i think this winter season will fly by more quickly. ^u^

    let's talk movies
    one week after opening day, i finally got to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. i'm not surprised to hear that the movie has raked in large box office earnings, it was a packed theatre. and that's all i'm going to say about it... for now. i won't give my mini review until i've seen it a second time due to my mixed feelings. was it a great movie or not? i haven't decided on my answer. i will say that after seeing the film, i was thinking "ouch! that hurt." i was disappointed as my high hopes weren't met 100%. though when you go into a film wanting a lot, even the best of films will struggle to meet up to abstract perceptions of a great movie experience. so i'm going to see it one more time (now has daft punk song stuck in head) and decide then.

    movie talk isn't over cause i recently watched Pride & Prejudice with the family. i'm quite familar with the story; i've read it, seen the BBC special, and watched at least one other film based on it (Bride and Prejudice comes to mind). i'm not a huge austen fan so i can't really say if the film does the book justice.. at least enough to please the fanatics. i did like it though; i've got positive thoughts. knightley makes an interesting elizabeth. she's a lot more youthful then the other elizabeths. i don't mean in age, but in attitude.
    i thought that it was going to be a bad thing. when i read the book, elizabeth struck me as a mature person. oh and quite the snob too, ha ha! the highly opinionated, prim and proper kind of snob. isn't she the pride in pride and prejudice? this film's elizabeth isn't a snob. she's different in that i never felt the character looked down on anyone. the elizabeth of the book, detests Mr. Darcy for his insult to her ego and is drawn to Wickham. Wickham provides her stories of a horrible Mr. Darcy and she eagerly believes it all. believes not due to a "oh really?" gullibility but a "yes that's what i thought" kind. Wickham confirms her perception of Darcy. she prides herself for knowing a person's true character and loves how Wickham fuels this pride.
    in the film, i don't think Elizabeth's relationship with Wickham is the same. while she is slightly attracted to Wickham, he doesn't count as much of a love interest as they don't spend much time together. whether the film intended this or not, i get the impression that she never disliked Mr. Darcy and has always liked him in spite of herself. her interaction with Darcy is playful and she is kind to him. when she rejects him it's because she must, there are too many things that she feels can't be overlooked.

    i could say more about the plot but i think it's best i stop for those who haven't seen it. i think my interpretation is my own, in that i wonder if others will think of it as i do. so i won't continue in case my thoughts are misleading. umm... does that even make any sense?
    oh but i want to say what i like best about the film. it's the cinematography. the camera angles make you feel like your right there. the scenery is wonderful and the lines of the book are delivered in settings different then i imagined. the book and the BBC special had things very static and stiff, the movie is full of energy and motion. i guess to put it simply, it was lovely to watch the images. ^u^;;
    okay bye-bye!

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